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Information for ECEs

Early Childcare Educator

Nova Scotia’s Early Childhood Educator (ECE) compensation framework will help support licensed centers to offer more care, stabilize and grow the Early Childhood Education workforce and the child care sector.

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Updated wage scale (effective1 April 2024)

Note: Annual public sector wage adjustments are included in the table. 

Position & LevelYears of Experience
Director - Level 1$28.31$29.16$30.03$30.94$31.86
Director - Level 2 / School Age$30.51$31.42$32.37$33.34$34.34
Director - Level 3$31.61$32.55$33.53$34.54$35.57
Assistant Director / Inclusion Coordinator - Level 1$25.95$26.73$27.53$28.36$29.21
Assistant Director / Inclusion Coordinator / Home Consultant - Level 2 / School Age$27.96$28.80$29.67$30.56$31.47
Assistant Director / Inclusion Coordinator / Home Consultant - Level 3$28.97$29.84$30.74$31.66$32.61
ECE - Level 1$23.59$24.30$25.03$25.78$26.55
ECE - Level 2 / School Age$25.42$26.19$26.97$27.78$28.61
ECE - Level 3$26.34$27.13$27.94$28.78$29.64

Current wage scale

Position & LevelYears of Experience
Director - Level 1$23.61$24.31$25.04$25.79$26.56
Director - Level 2 / School Age$25.73$26.50$27.30$28.11$28.95
Director - Level 3$26.79$27.59$28.42$29.27$30.15
Assistant Director / Inclusion Coordinator - Level 1$21.64$22.29$22.96$23.65$24.35
Assistant Director / Inclusion Coordinator / Home Consultant - Level 2 / School Age$23.59$24.29$25.02$25.77$26.54
Assistant Director / Inclusion Coordinator / Home Consultant - Level 3$24.56$25.29$26.05$26.83$27.63
ECE - Level 1$19.67$20.26$20.87$21.50$22.13
ECE - Level 2 / School Age$21.43$22.08$22.74$23.42$24.13
ECE - Level 3$22.32$22.99$23.68$24.39$25.12

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ECEs working in provincially funded centres and family home child care agencies, including those working as inclusion coordinators, assistant directors, directors and family home consultants are eligible for the wage increase

  • April 1, 2024

  • The Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement commits the Province to ongoing wage reviews for Early Childhood Educators 
  • Currently, the Province does not determine rates of pay for support staff working in the Early Learning and Child Care Sector 
  • We will be considering support staff wages as part of an operational funding model review

  • No, Family Home Child Care Providers are self-employed and receive compensation through parent fee revenues 
  • In 2022, an ECE Care Provider Grant was introduced to recognize ECEs working in the family home setting

  • No, the Province does not specify wage rates for untrained staff or support staff

  • The Province is fully funding the wage increase 
  • Details will be included in the 2024/25 Quality Investment Grant Agreement

  • Yes. The wage scale will be adjusted to ensure pay raises are consistent with overall public sector wage increases beyond 2023/2024.

Sector Memos

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