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How it works: 50 per cent fee reduction

Effective December 31, 2022, families received an additional 25 per cent child care fee reduction (on average). Families are now paying an average of 50% less for child care than they were in 2021. Scroll down to learn more.

This change will help parents and guardians with infants, toddlers and preschoolers across the province. Fees will be moving to $10 a day, on average, by 2026. As part of the Nova Scotia Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, our province is starting a five-year journey to build a system of child care that is affordable, inclusive, and accessible. Our vision is child care that cares for everyone – children, families, operators, and early childhood educators.

Fee reductions are applied directly to child care bills. The daily fee reduction amounts are:

 Jan 1, 2022 Average Fee Reduction ($)Dec 31, 2022 Average Fee Reduction ($)Total Average 50% Fee Reductions ($)
Licensed Child Care Centres
Toddler- 9.00-9.25-18.25
Preschool: Full Day- 8.75-9.50-18.25
Preschool: Part Day ?- 3.75-0.75-4.50
School Age: Full Day- 6.75-3.25-10.00
School Age: Before and After?- 5.00-1.00?-6.00
School Age: After Only- 4.00-0.50-4.50
School Age: Before Only- 3.000.00-3.00
Family Home Child Care
Infant- 8.50-8.50-17.00
Toddler- 8.25-8.25-16.50
Preschool: Full Day- 8.25-8.25-16.50
School Age: Full Day- 8.25-8.25-16.50
School Age: Before and After- 5.00-1.00-6.00
School Age: After Only- 4.000.00-4.00
School Age: Before Only- 3.000.00-3.00
Nova Scotia Before and After Programs
School Age: Before and After- 4.250.00-4.25
School Age: After Only- 3.250.00-3.25
School Age: Before Only- 1.500.00-1.50

Fee Reduction Table (PDF)


Licensed centres that sign their amended annual funding agreement, which reflects the principles of the Canada-wide agreement, will be provided with full funding to offset the additional fee reduction. Regulated family home child care programs will be provided with full funding to offset the additional fee reduction.

Child Care Subsidy

Families that receive support from the Province's Child Care Subsidy Program will continue to receive subsidy coverage in addition to the fee reduction. Please reach out to your caseworker or child care centre if you have any concerns.

Parent choice

As a parent, you will always have choice in who provides care for your child. As we advance our work under the Canada-Wide Agreement, parents will continue to have choice. If you would like help in finding a space that can provide you with the fee reduction, please reach out:

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an important milestone as part of our commitment to a publicly funded childcare system. We know that for many families, childcare is their single biggest monthly expense, and we are working toward achieving a $10 per day childcare, on average, for families by 2026.

Families will see the savings applied directly to their childcare bill. There is nothing for you to do to receive this reduction.

Families with infants and toddlers and pre-schoolers in licensed, funded childcare centres qualify.

In 2019, on average, a family with an infant in a licensed childcare centre paid $42 per day. Childcare is often families’ single biggest monthly expense. Ten dollars per day childcare is part of our commitment to a publicly funded childcare system to ensure all families have access to high quality, inclusive, and affordable opportunities.

Many families with school-aged children are paying, on average, $9–11 per day for before and after school care. We are working to make this the norm for all families with young children.

Please visit: Nova Scotia Before and After Program - Locations for a list of actively operating locations, and for more information about the Excel Program.

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